About Us

AAA Bed Bugs Exterminators is a pest control company that is based in Edmonton, Canada. We offer professional pest removal and animal control services using high quality products that are safe for human interaction and are quick at getting rid of pests. We provide our services to residential and commercial clients as we derive in people staying in comfortable homes and environments. We remove pests in houses, yards, gardens, hotels and wherever else pests might attack using well-tested products that are highly effectual. We offer examination services for our clients as well. Our abled professionals are highly reliable and they are quick to answer to any extermination call through our call lines. They are highly trained to completely eradicate the pests and give you a pest-free environment. More so they are licensed to the company and so if anything goes wrong we are able to track their performance. We also aim at teaching our clients methods of preventing pest attacks and how to manage these attacks.

We assure our clients of full confidentiality in matters of pest control because we fully understand that they are personal issues and so one should not feel insecure about our services. AAA Bed Bug Co offers high quality services and for that we encourage customers to call us when they need pest control services. We love to hear from our customers and we urge them to get back to us if they need clarification on anything pertaining pest control. If you have questions concerning our services feel free to contact us.

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Why Choose AAA Bed Bugs Edmonton?

Clients choose us because:

  • We are quick in solving the issues. Our call lines are always open whether day or night and this helps solve the issues clients might have quite fast. We rely on our own equipment which makes us an independent company. Our technicians are a lot and so no client requires to wait before they are sorted out on their issues.
  • We use organic chemicals which do not affect crops or objects negatively. These products do not cause mutation of animals hence they pests are completely destroyed. These products are also friendly to human beings. Once they are properly used they do not cause sneezing or coughing.
  • We charge for our services at fair prices putting into consideration people from different calibres.
  • Our technicians are highly trained for this work which makes us very effective. Our services and products have never been criticized by our clients because we aim to please.
  • We provide our clients with complete inspection of homes and businesses to keep off pests.

Our Pest Extermination Service Commitment

pest control guaranteeOur company is majorly concerned with the happiness of our clients because we surely understand the struggles of having pests in a home or business and for that reason we perform our services in the very best ways we know how to. We do our best to ensure we meet our customers’ expectations which we get to find out from the customers’ feedbacks. The positive and negative feedback given to us promotes the growth of the company. We also carry out research and laboratory experiments so that we can find the best products that will be effective and efficient to enable us provide quality services. We do not share our customers’ information to ensure complete privacy and so our clients can rely on our services.